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I would recommend using minecart rails with boosters to go up.On reddit, he accused Bitcoin ABC of using the same tactics to force through the new DAA as it allegedly used to implement the EDA in the first place.

When I get to the end I walk back to the trunk mining whatever I see along the way and picking up anything on the ground.

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There are some areas left unexplored by this pattern, but they are thin, and it is unlikely that a diamond vein with spawn entirely within that narrow region. (About 3% will).When you finish that layer, you can start one a layer above, offsetting the branches by one block so that you are more likely to find veins you could possibly have missed the first time.

The drop can be as great a distance as you want as long as the bottom of it looks like this.High level shovels obliterate dirt at an insane speed and this typically reveals interesting stuff.For horizontal travel underground still nothing beats railway - if you plan to use horses, you will have to make rather big corridors.I personally do this standing at Y: 9 so I occasionally run into unexplored caves but, if you are scared of cave mining, do it at Y:8 or Y:7.'s List of Every Word of the Year

The size of ore deposits in caves is about half that of when digging, as the ore get replaced with air.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Therefore, alternate floors are only good if you want to get every single vein in the area, due to space constraints for your mine.

AMD Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB Limited Edition Mining Rig Tutorial. For dual mining Ethereum + Siacoin create a new. I know BURST has a Mining Calculator on.Note that the branch mine has each branch, even the main ones 350 blocks long.As with any mine, travel is most easily accomplished using minecarts.But even if it is only easier access, your harvest over time seems higher in caves even if some measure like your harvest over squares passed through is not.Normally, I have a 2x1 trunk, and branches like a standard branch mine, but instead of just going outwards from the trunk, I go up one level and out, skip two blocks, then down one level and out.

If your high density branch mine gets you 100% diamonds, the low density branch mine would give you 212.6% ores in the same time, minus 3% from the earlier probability worked out before.The truth of the matter is that the running time is marginal compared to the mining time if you bring enough picks of the right kind.I have mine cart tack with periodic boosters running along my trunk line to get me back and forth to my storage area quickly.So essentially, a long hallway (the trunk) with perpendicular hallways (the branches) coming off either side.

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The easiest way to mine is to mine a 2x2 tunnel horizontally.

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For the way up, this would be a nice construction: Piston Elevator.Also, you ought to build it so that the floor of the lowest tunnel is on level 11, to avoid falling in lava.

Use water held up by a sign at the bottom of a 1x1 shaft that is straight down starting up at the surface for dropping to diamond ore levels.The methods described above take a little more planning but in the long term they do seem a lot more productive (just based on my own experience of doing it both ways).That way you can carefully fall almost the entire way to the bottom and simply hold the backwards key to reattatch yourself to the ladder just before you hit the ground.The straight down to bedrock approach I find is really good for redstone but not much else.Then, every 4 squares on either side of the trunk, you dig perpendicular tunnels extending out 20 blocks (or as far as you want).Avoid oscillations from feedback between hash rate and difficulty.