Can you change Ethereums to cash

Banhammer: Macuca and sbj009 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.InvestCrypto: USSVoyager, what should i buy than or what is your fav.BobTheBollinger: as a courtesy etc should at least give eth a reach around.EffectiveAltruismIsAwesome: SuperStew, no, see for info about Effective Altruism.Burnitdown: LBCMiner, possibly but none of those are the ones im talking about.ZWhale: titanicdream, yes, russian hackers found new vulnerabilities.BobTheBollinger: huge dash sell wall at 110 and I contributed a splinter from the banhammer to it.Goldiath: well well well. time to buy the top on ETC again -.-.Banhammer: JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJA banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Mirai.

Rorschach: NAV is gonna see some nice action later this month.Shaerox: jump up on the dash train - and give your money to the whale wenn he is dumping his dash:D.

Girzan: angelitto, PoorBoy, nah, I just like the tipping system.RealSlimTrader: From now on stupidly large green candles are called dash Candles.Girzan: nickname19100, price entry was several x ago, do research and if you feel its going higher, may enter by orders in hourglass shape down, weighted heavy at botto.

Bigolas: jasper.vogeltje, Please do not incite trade in the Box, thankyou.ZWhale: titanicdream, I write my own token at ETH and I am scred.Josefo2213: Wolfofbitstreet, yes but i my account there are 12 small transactions of 1.GelatinousCube: subprime loans were somehow okay but btc is not.Banhammer: JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJA banned for 2 hours and 0 minutes by Oldgamejunk.OGAlien: drifter786, yeah it was under 90k satoshis a few months ago and is now 550k.Crypt0Damus: Pharrisee1, go read and join the slack mate ur late AF.Jok3Tim3: wow bitcoin has drop by 20% marketcap in the last couple of days.

AltNoob: wow i go away to make koffie and then dash get this high again.MAGAson: 2much, that seems like a very good way - TY - do you sell out of it into another crypto or into USDT (generally).

Banhammer: henrypox banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Mirai.Anondran: looks like NAV news is spreading to the crypto -community.DenverTheDinozor: bought at 0.037 for 100btc:D sitting calmly on 300btc for now but could have sold at 0.123 and made a lot more but yeah whatever. hosting 5 masternodes:D.Banhammer: Ktirio2004 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.

DreamCoins32: ETH gonna pop very soon. nice buy dip right now.WaveFCollaps: TheCryptoKing, this WAS the peak, makr my word and reward me later with indigo.Vryzor: Neil Amstrong and Buzz Aldrin just invested in ETH guys.

Forsaken35: one million baby no need to settle a wall just accumulate:).KrombopulosCrypto: PooSlingingFoo, yes it is. its going to get worse before it gets better:(.Burnitdown: Bigolas, did OMK change his chat name or is OGJ different.Oldgamejunk: bobgeldof32, Grasshopper, We mods do not know when or what coin will be added, please keep an eye on the notices section.Anondran: bkklb, nice yes ETC got potential and cheap compared to ETH.LBCMiner: CryptDoH, get caught with their pants down as usual.Brube-: i bought eth on 9 dollars so what ever happens i am happy.

Thehobbitwith9fingers: Gnt looks like a good investment for the future.Bigolas: hrshknojia-01d4, Rolling 24, I believe it is simple.BenjaminBannekar: revolutioniscomming, that is exactly whats happening.

Oldgamejunk: ctx, Awaiting approval can take up to 24 hours, but it will be processed as soon as possible.The fact that politicians are still telling us to trust them is retarded.