Moneros mining pool

Conradhann1: dash is taken me straight to the bank for the ahahahha.I run a page and been bugged all month about dash, they got me converted lol.SideShowBob: kushbtc, at the top of the page drop down box balances then click deposits and withdrawls.

Mirai: javier7676, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.Agent86: I get the feeling the ETF will be approved by default.BRATIS: Shinn, scott-08a6, which language and which programs should be used.LordOfTheCrypto: j33hopper, I have 2 that have been pending after email confirmation for over 30 minutes.DalalBuffet: its better to trade ETH in USDT instead of btc at the moment.KerCHING: terrybeth, we can use this new-found knowledge to our advantage.muhahahaa.Banhammer: JohnsJohnJohnny banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.

Dannymax333: IanCurtis, lol sorry if that sounded mean i pressed enter before i could type: now that i got some help.Zebra: introvert, so then you should contact him and ask him to apply for trades on NY exchange with XMR:).Mirai: edin-8eab, Please file a support ticket at, thank you.SleepySkiesCole: frenchfry, This is a 30% rise in three days, that is not a low buy in moment.

Most novice programmers misuse C so poorly that they end up with worse results.ManWithThePlan: 12,500 sat was where PASC first lifted off big time here - probably needs to retest that.Su100: Anyway, its dash sell weekend ahead, lets place trades.CryptoCatfish: wbe4ever, Not looking good for the dash shorts - candle closes in 3 min.Su100: SolarPowered, Okay coz from other exchange they said to change the 2FA.DestroyAllHumans: mozecaalmayali23, Any time you invest your money in anything, you are betting that it will increase in value at a faster rate then the dollar.Koyaanisqatsi: Sipi, 100% true its not a buy wall its a sell above the wall wall.

GigasGaming: D3EP, So does gold. any electronic has gold connectors.TheChandler: CryptoWarehouse, The locken festival lol Its in August.Zebra: OaktreeCapital, it is your chance dude you can buy all the dips.SideShowBob: CryptoPotato, no but its what i needed to get my life together.Xapo: Evan Duffield received dash reward of 2 million dash in 72 hours.Priapus: jayvcent, google it all over the news and they are doing live conference.Xoblort: EffectiveAltruismIsAwesome, I see a captcha for me also.LBCMiner: If dash going this high, XMR will have its day too. Patience.ButcherofBallyhoo: Dash will surpass ethereum once Evolution hits.

OaktreeCapital: Damn, I still got a good chuck of capital to put to work.Silas: Rexlito, but beeing a women has so much disadvantages though.

ButcherofBallyhoo: I think some btc whales are hedging the etf as well.SerialShiller: anyone bullish on belacoin, looks interesting.Old lies those you can not prove and those lies poisoning community.Nordman: SideShowBob, you know I think I have heard that such and such coin is the next btc for to many years lol.JohnsJohnJohnny: Denominator, mark zucker was working for them, he learned for a while and then went to make it by himself.SideShowBob: but in fact its much more than just saving.its also about giving when you can.Etaks: j33hopper, yeah i know but i keep forgetting buttun would be nice:D.

I sense a huge recovery in the air after after some word out there.Mirai: annedragon7, awaiting approval can be flagged for many reasons.SleepySkiesCole: ultramode, how long for that short to pay off though.

Herbalist: how does the chance of approval go up if people betting on it to go up i dont see how that works.SideShowBob: Nordman, my favorite part though was the little cage they put you in before and after.