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Nobody wants you or your dumb talking points polluting the air, it gets in the way of an actual intelligent discussion.In my experience the facts speak for themselves that without the EastEuropeans and Far East Nurses the system would collapse.Groups like isis could be the start of 3rd world war, yet the UK Gov is doing nothing to protect us.Every time you like, share or comment on a Facebook post by Britain First, you create a story in your newsfeed, and spread their reach and their message further.Just hover at the top right of the post you wish you had not shared, and wait for the drop-down menu to appear.Will: When you trade with a country, you eventually cop-op them if yours is the more desirable culture as familiarity grows.Surely it is you who is viewing this from a first world viewpoint, our lives (in the developed first world) are much better than ever before, yes that is true but you fail to see or at least fail to care or mention how our so-called progress is negatively impacting the rest of the world all in the name of your beloved capitalism.The English version does have other telegrams to the Military Revolutionary Committee of Georgia, and Ordzhonikidze, which state similar things, such as.Show me one scripture which advocates child rape in the Bible.

The comments I made related to the rise of Right Wing political groups only.Who ignores the facts to sustain his own sense of self worth.UKIP are nowhere near as bad as they are painted, by a very Left-wing dominated media.

We live a better life than the shithole countries existing under Sharia for instance.They were convinced the Jews were behind the systematic undermining of German life, behind campaigns of anti-German crimes, behind the impoverishment of the German nation, and were discriminatory against non-Jews of all kinds.Most Star names are Arabic since they mapped the heavens while King Canute was getting his hush puppies wet ignoramus.Before you criticise the BNP, Britain First, the EDL, UKIP, Liberty GB, you might try to understand what they are fighting against.The need to rally against the imperialists of the West, who are defending the capitalist world is one thing.Your children may not care to come back to a an Islamic UK, where Sharia law has enforced medieval oppression of women, and the end of freedoms we currently take for granted.

Ian you said, if the Jews did do those things then would they of been justified.World is needed, and I (like many young German friends) feel no guilt for the.You do not respect freedom of speech you are an egotistical dickhead who cannot comprehend why somebody would disagree with him despite the overwhelming facts.I had accidently shared one of their posts because I did not check the source properly.I couldnt give two hoots for Britain First, but find it amazing that as soon as a smaller party gains ground, the big boys fire up their war horses to besmerch, defame and degrade the opposition.I am NOT: Anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-islam, pro-hate or any of that crap.These are precisely the sort of statements being made by the Putin-Medvedev regime today.

Whereas, links to something like a newspaper article or another website would be an independently verifiable source.A corrected version has been published as a pamphlet, Stalin and Stalinism by the Internationalist Workers Group, our US comrades.Actually I also work within the NHS, so your ascertion is that all the recruitment being done throughout the far east is not needed.

I was unaware that I am mentally challenged, but thanks to your expert online diagnosis I know now.And if you were suckered by their sugar-coated emotive linkbait into sharing something that no-one could disagree with, and you now regret it, you know where the delete button is.The next thing, you will be beheading anyone who does not share your ideas.He was painfully aware that the Tsarist Empire had been built on the seizure and oppression of hundreds of minorities.I fear evangelical christians more than I fear fundamentalist muslims as they outnumber the muslims by a massive margin.

For example, Vietnam would not have maintained a decade or more of war against US imperialism without the weapons of the USSR.You seemed to have been failed by the public education system.Well of course an organisation set up by a Christian fundamentalist is going to be full of venomous vitriol and bigoted bile.We have anti-terror laws and it will be a lot harder to work with other countries to implement them if we vote ourselves out of the EU and lose the cooperation and support we have with it.Secondly, are you seriously suggesting that anyone who understands the subject and either quotes the issues involved, counter arguments or facts contrary to what you have said, is anti-Islamic.The decolonisation which followed World War II demonstrated that imperialism could actually benefit from conceding so-called national independence.

However it is my experience that if we do not get these people the whole thing will implode.As an atheist I hate how easter, xmas, the church, prayer, bible, hymns and all that superstitious crap is foisted upon my children at school without my consent.Aryan Resistance Movement Skins, Northern Hammerskins, and Final Solution Skinheads.Your browser does not have Cookies Enabled. A session cookie is required to establish and maintain your login. This cookie will be deleted once you close your browser.Even Islamic scholars admit and accept, that Islam is a political ideology.If you have friends who need to read this and make up their own minds about where they stand on disseminating hate propaganda, do consider sharing this post, either on your timeline or as a comment on the content they have shared.As is usual with such pieces, no evidence or references for such evidence are provided in support of the content.Please remove me from your friends list, if I have not already done so recently.

I agree, our troops are and were great, our veterans are amazing but it sounds like Britain first are not.

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No one has an issue with Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Jews, etc, but Islam has such a big problem with Brits that they take every opportunity to spit on the troops and scream at British traditions as they take over entire neighborhoods and warn people who are not Sharia compliant to stay out.How about looking at it where for the first time in history vast hordes in China, India, the places you mention are getting at least one meal a day.At the same time though the British pulled out of the Caucasus and left their new allies defenceless.What is forcefully pointed out is the dishonest manipulation of noble sentiments by an organisation with extremely a dubious history and with which many of the innocent posters are likely to disagree.If you really think that Magna Carta was the start of civilisation then WOW, just WOW.Celtic style agricultural plus renewables based society, living more simply in.

Get access to over 30,000 dedicated Synchrony Car Care™ locations with promotional financing for 6 months on purchases of $199 or more made with your Synchrony Car.This will give you priority mailings of Aurora and other free pamphlets as they are produced.Our East European neighbours suffered atrocities under the Islamic Ottoman Empire, who are Islamic.Lenin was convinced that any future union of proletarian states had to be a voluntary one.They are not racist at all, they let all colours join Britain First and they say we need immigrants to be where we are today etc etc.