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Xapo: Zebra, I just have my own position about dash and XRP and I am brave enough to show it.RastaMiner: coffe and join time. this is an island bro, this is not london.:).I had to take losses, pick gains to keep even, even played in a bitcoin casino to get something yesterday.lost that lol.Zebra: s0meguy, it is quite long article to put it short together here.

Xapo: Evan Duffield received dash reward of 2 million dash in 72 hours.I have been asking for help for days and only now you have resolved my question.CashCow: Shamoo, i was in dash then. sold btc for usd and in less than 24 hours I was back in with btc.

Banhammer: EpsonKeynes banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.Shinn: DonaldPump, yeah but not for placing orders by myself.CashCow: CoinDreamer, no announcement today means btc will raise over the weekend. the closer to the 11th we get, the better for BTC.DestroyAllHumans: So if you try to add a bid to an order book and someone else adds an ask for the same price a fraction of a second before you, you have to pay more fees.

Minimons: DustOff, Im all in on Moneros but need deposit btc to buy it here.BenjaminBannekar: are the bela coin devs hyping their own coin.NooberDog: frenchfry, i run a page with whales on it talking about shorting dash:o.KerCHING: CryptoCatfish, yep, some very pugnacious trolls about today.

Zebra: irhanahinsi, wow or not wow, I need to know the reasons.PumpyBrewster: sHeBiTmE, I just told you, you can even look at the original launch thread and see people upset that there was no windows miner or wallet.Dumpbusters: We will pass Gold then Cocaine is next at 1680 per once.Banhammer: lawnshark banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.

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NooberDog: i think even amanda b johnson is shorting dash at these prices jesus.Watchtower: barrymichels, Please wait about 48 hours for a response from the team.

You can toggle from day to night mode in the upper right of the site.SideShowBob: i have a suggestion.if you would like to see a good movie check out.child 44.and after you watch it.ask yourself.can this happen again.I have passed this to support and they will respond to do as soon as possible I promise.HotmetalRISE: introvert, because ETC will be the next ETF to be put in.CashCow: CoinDreamer, if the etf does not pass, alts and btc should dip.DIARIO DE LA MARINA DECANO DE.A PRENSA DE CUBA. loc-ccin d~c-lgctl. moneros. cobras, gigantes ciervos Y.

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Zebra: naturebreeze, XMR and eth are strictly btc corellated.Can’t it be, can’t it be mine. Cartones y Moneros,eSpectaCulos,Politica y Sociedad. Los Simpsons New intro. Me gustan [email protected] [email protected]: Everytime btc touches ATH and about to rip gold it crashes, like a guy having a premature ejaculation on a valentine date.Mainly into metal but I do have a few more alternative, punk sides to it.DestroyAllHumans: thatsme, I wrote a bot like that, but because the profits I was trying to make were so small per transaction, the fees made it not worth it.Zebra: unluckyman, we need a real oracle to answer this question. without inside info I can not see what is going to happen.Zebra: DestroyAllHumans, those are bitmarks used for awarding.

Leppaludi: bitcoinswap15, makes every shop accepting btc able to accept dash as well.BrainStormer: terrybeth, Yes in the rocky beaches of Drymades.I have MN too but I thought you might be part of the dash inner circle.