How to make money mining moneros

Fiicus: so I think as dash goes up, monero will likely, slowly go down a bit.I know lot of people who took large loans to finance their undergrad education.ButcherofBallyhoo: I think some btc whales are hedging the etf as well.Ghostbusters: 2ez28u, gonna look that one up, I like parasol mushrooms a lot.Obit33: lobujit, or the chart showing the 2 million instamine in 24 hours.Banhammer: tone0018 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.Zebra: cryptoponka, very risky im just watching all day and afraid to risk anything, and I ate up 3 bowls of popcorn:D.Wilthax: sHeBiTmE, inside info can reveal my sources. they also say fluff has a gimp arm so likly not to accept.KerCHING: CryptoCatfish, chicken vindaloo on the way:D I think patience is among the most important disciplines for a trader.

Banhammer: marlow429 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.Zebra: SpaceX, bloomberg posted a proposterous page about bitcoin 14 hrs ago.

BrazilianGuy: biodork, j33hopper, I have a PASC pending deposit (1 of 8 confirmations) since 21st.SolarPowered:, No you cannot sorry as we use crypto only not Fiat at this time.GoldenParazyth: any forum i would go to read about the any coin, there are XMR shills vomiting.AsaKujaku: mozecallmayali23 - it kind of is betting against the dollar, yeah.Watchtower: thcnq, Lets not start the price speculations and prediction spam please.

Bitcoin will break 10k per coin today!!! - The Pub

Xapo: DASH has no future it is nighly manipulated DARK coin.Zebra: introvert, Winklevoss is a company with ETF which they want to trade on NY exchange. dash has its treasury and budget proposal system where ppl can vote.I lost 50k due to 401k bull a few years back.sadly people get you sometimes.

OracleofPOLO: imbest, once BELLA breaks its ATH then it will be unstoppable.Zebra: unluckyman, btw my sell orders are not moving:( strange.SleepySkiesCole: cryptoponka, short if you can hold 24h in hopes of the eventual drop.Banhammer: swordfish6975 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.

MrJoYz: LSDog, google trad dont want tell me about cringey:(.CashCow: bitcoinswap15, it would be healthy if it retraced first.Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically.Wilthax: I heard amanda b posting a pron if dash hits 50 dorry.

PaDutchCrypto: my crypto puts more and more items in my grocery cart each year. my dollars, less and less. dollar will never reverse trend and fill cart for 25bucks.Watchtower: hypertrophy, Its been successfully reversed, you can go ahead and try again please.:).SolarPowered: PRO TIP: Blog entries and forum posts are not news Reports.

Koyaanisqatsi: yeezytrades, pretty much ewverything is cheap now.PumpyBrewster: sHeBiTmE, 2 million coins instamined at launch on linux, a very select few have 2000 masternodes.Ghostbusters: 2ez28u, I have read the something along the lines, not much into dash stuff anyway, maybe just google it up.Shinn: DonaldPump, yeah but not for placing orders by myself.

Xapo: JohnsJohnJohnny, please do not compare satoshi Nakamoto and Evan Duffield.Zebra: bfwebb22, here are current proposals in treasury: please point me to the right one.Tourist: Poloniex trollbox has always been a compass showing south.JohnsJohnJohnny: Denominator, mark zucker was working for them, he learned for a while and then went to make it by himself.I got a big chunk waiting for btc rise and another on alts.think I am cancelling myself out but love it lol.