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Banhammer: lawnshark banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.Banhammer: luckybear banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by j33hopper.Quote from: thejaytiesto on August 02, 2017, 02:49:54 PM Is Monero, Dash and all anon coins fucked.There are many other reasons that privacy is important and needed by society.HIgh lending rates mean its going one way.or the other. Fast.SolarPowered: TheKoolaider, Also our apologies for the delays.

Socket: DJpablo, we are in uncharted territory up here it could go to 2000 or 900.PIVX looks to be pretty strong from here especially with their latest version.Just found this on Reddit, someone made a bit longer Beginners guide to Monero.DestroyAllHumans: Ruby or Python are perfectly fine and even leverage libraries which have been optimized with C code.Quote from: drlukacs on August 08, 2017, 05:48:53 PM Monero stand still the price 0.015 in long time Did you see this: Quote Buy the rumor, sell the news of the RingCT spike (see chart) upgrade.

This sort of petty partisanship is why I think Monero is not a professional outfit and why I do not think they can succeed in a large-scale way.Socket: s0meguy, you will get out soon enough when big drop comes those alts will pop.CantTradeWontTrade: Hmanana, I have no idea what tradingview is.

The Chinese have better ways to control Bitcoin than destroying any confidence that people have in it.That is one of the facets that is going to put an end to the lies that sustain all the shitcoins on Quote from: suppersz on August 27, 2017, 06:44:09 PM.Most coins that try to be anonymous still have such feature to chose to have anon or transparent transaction.So it is possible that all anonymous sources may become illegal to accept.SolarPowered: doughboy, Good point but I am not sure sorry as mods are not part of that process.The Monero developers have been quite aggressive in trying out cryptographic technology.SerialShiller: coinearner, BELA high potential coin this month.

ButcherofBallyhoo: ZWhale, killer Sorry btc is not going to be cash.ButcherofBallyhoo: frenchfry, its the only coin to consistently rise with btc recently.To return to anonymint, He claims PoW is fail and all PoW coins including Monero and.Apparently it has caused him to be censored in the Monero reddit when he linked it, so this shows this must be pretty good. that is pretty strong hit into MONERO fundamentals.SolarPowered: bfwebb22, No worries you can deposit unlimited its the withdrawals that are capped.Watchtower: accountingstudent, Lets not start that spam please.So for that reason they actually need anon-coins and that will be the future of money laundering and their new off-shore bank account.CryptoCatfish: KerCHING, lol, you just salty because I called you out, Dont pretend to be what you arent bro.Zebra: usx8, there is something going on. nobody knows what. dash behaves diferently since 15th of February.

Namtara: no way dash can sustain concurrent rise with btc at these prices.SerialShiller: anyone bullish on belacoin, looks interesting.I move my XMR and DASH to XVG recently, this coin is under-valuated vs the 2 others.

Not sure exact order, because you could have any number of coins.Tie the above quote into the following: Quote from: on October 21, 2017, 04:11:53 PM I do not think it is possible to make distribution permissionless.DestroyAllHumans: Unless you know what you are doing, python will likely be faster than C.

QcMrHyde: damocles, it is actually 65% not given to miners, get your facts right if you want to look like a genius lol.TheOnlyRYS: unluckyman, because all of it is in masternodes lol.

PaDutchCrypto: terrybeth, worthless to machines and IoT. which means its worthless in the future.Brickwood: JimBakiz, I think we are living that movie arent we.CoinDreamer: AmeliaLuvsBitcoin, I feel some ironic in your sentence.:P.DustOff: Minimons, also 0-conf weas pretty safe so most small payments were accepted instantly.SolarPowered: kushbtc, Lets please not insult others thank you.I believe it is my fundamental right to be anon when I want to and keep my business private.Obit33: lobujit, or the chart showing the 2 million instamine in 24 hours.

Zooko-Wilcox has now concurred that he would like to see that work done.Quote from: ridery99 on August 16, 2017, 01:45:46 PM These were the hype tech coins of the 2014-2016 era, This year had ethereum and who knows what will be pumped next.Also he has called out Monero to do rigorous math on what level of mixins would be required to counter those vulnerabilities.ByronZED: I want to join where is lookup parade aswell. so - where is lookup.Watchtower: SixCent, Please wait for the 2000 confirmations. it takes a little time.

Fiicus: dashes key feature is instantaneous transactions, and incredibly low fees, which make it very ideal for becoming a visa or mastercard in the future.Mostly I was just trying to point out that when it comes to talking down Monero, most people are quite lacking.I thought it was stoped once already when I told XMR waiting to ditch bitcoin:).Monero and Dash are still leading in the world of anonymous coins, as well as ZEC.Quote from: Invester on October 22, 2017, 08:42:16 AM Why fucked.Bad thing is that when you create something then you will always surfer from something diffrent. iamnotback - I wanted his solutions to this problem if will work.DonaldPump: Ghostbusters, lol. dash whale trying to save his monies with that wall.Check out our mobile site: Link is also located at the bottom of the page.