How to get moneros anonymously

Original: stotoyan, didnt have a premine and how can you say about didtribution of other coins.Banhammer: Frogish banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.RustyPaper: lobujit, maybe, ive always been burnt from the TrollBox.TheChandler: A 10 usd btc move is a 160 million dollar move That fast 160 mil.Only if moneros market cap gets bigger would it be considered in the future.

Rikimaru: Yeah, I just hope it never goes to his desk, honestly.RiSCiSO: loopholekid, i dont believe in putting delays and limitations on how people can use their assets is good thing.XMR has privacy by default--the blockchain is a black box by default.Khilone: thunderwolf, and at the moment still way undervalued.Banhammer: ivicavra banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by VenomGhost.TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: JaTochNietDan, sometimes being rich takes greed, and being smart sometimes excuses you from those actions. money doesnt make a person.

Banhammer: VNLpower banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.FenderLender: iofthebeholder, spiller, brb I will check papers.DustOff: Minimons, i think next bigger rise (10x or so) could come with large scale DNM adoption.

Herbalist: Xr1977, lol yah ill be staying tuned for the announcement im off now going to eat cya later.CryptoCatfish: Britbear13, I think it will ultimately will XMR.

This trading chat comes from the chat box on an active altcoin trading website.I just love to log on poloniex and see my best coin known as startis perform like that.RiSCiSO: How much would it cost to do powerpoints about btc all thru India to get them to start using it.LordOfTheDogs666: lookup, makes sence hard enuff to bend over looking up ahh.Xr1977: Herbalist, Quite funny to see what happens to gamers from your home town:).

Sigma: AlmostGenius, I think stratis is really undervalued tbh.No idea of the time could be weeks, months, years just have to wait because it will go there.FolderOne: horizonstrader, time will. more people learn about and adopt btc with time.VenomGhost: CryptoBitSeeker, Yes there are some patterns although crypto can be deceiving sometimes it defies any logic lol.FlagMan: Dash is overpriced for now but woocommerce plugin after tesnet will bring it forward so dont be too happy now.You have to research for yourself, cuz a shill one day is a hater the next.

ShamPooSham: I have a feeling dash may break ATH within 2 weeks.TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: crypjunkie, i just checked their twitter and dont see anything.Rikimaru: TalesFromTheCryptKeeper, then acceptance you have today is because you can find exchange that will send you fiats in exchange of your btc gain.Khilone: thunderwolf,CryptoBuc, warmitup, sorry very excited:).SideShowBob: so i been searching the world for the best locations to invest in and found that Africa is on the move with the youngest and largest population growth.VenomGhost: RiSCiSO, Other topics please this is not exactly a piracy hub.

VenomGhost: regenerativemusic, Just below there you can select btc.The kind of software they seem to be trying to build could potentially be very useful.I bought some small btc today, so I would like to play some game with that.Zebra: funnyguy, nah, i see on my bollinger bands that someone got a lot. it is really does not matter who:D.SomethingCool: heumos, oh the lies you poor plebs tell each other.SideShowBob: how about them cowboys.err i mean the price of bitcoin.

Zebra: SideShowBob, yeah, there was a guy who bought 3BTC worse of bitmarks and celebrated it with us.CryptoCatfish: sh4dow, Dont trade much until you learn.You will blow up your acct lol.CryptoBitSeeker: VenomGhost, defying logic is the most important part of the pattern:-).Tempers: the point is i have learned the language and have wrote contracts - it can be done.BrainStormer: lookup, Well Earth is flat because we see only the surface from our eyes.VenomGhost: FreakinJohn, Sorry I wouldnt know about that but you should check the wallet website and their forums.SideShowBob: so when i got out i was a different person and chose not to be so evil and rooted out those vultures one at a time.SR4: Remember 0.0165. Wont be able to sell dash so high in our lifetime.Herbalist: Alphamode, im no longer a trader noob maby but when it comes to techincal stuff blockchains coding i am noob:p.

But Solarpowered will ban me for a day if he even thinks I would.Britbear13: why would you use dash to buy something when its value could drop immensily at any second.DOCinTheBox: Still no Official word on what was wrong with this site yesterday.I hate being kept in the Dark.

Banhammer: funkmaster banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.SolarPowered: POLO TIP: Asking for Trollbox advice will just get you spam.DustOff: guido2, interesting concept. though why not simply use VPN and bittorrent (if you need to seed files or run a tracker anonymously).So buying maid makes total sense for you with such a low cost basis.CryptoBuc: H7USHKA, I think the mods are from all over - Remote.Gains: theformerFA, yes its high and there are better options.RiSCiSO: As of now, about 1% of merchants in the USA accept btc.Britbear13: CryptoCatfish, ive read it, and i heard the whole shill to make it so your grandma can use it, but its kinda childish and stupid if you really think about it.