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Someone can make a margin buy, because he expects a bull rally.Watchtower: qq38007, i dont quite follow, let me know if you still having the same issue please.KayPinky: damocles, What if I told you that, that changes this year with a system that allow everyone to use dash just line money.

Nordman: angelitto, yeah started messing with computer way back when.If it were in process I would have needed to pause deposits and withdrawals.Banhammer: Vauplus banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.Nippel66: Nordman, No, i havent use the mark mor than 5-6 times.HexualSeaIings: VTC accumulation last hour, we see spike soon.

Posted: 16th August 2010 by Motoso Team in General, Tradiciones.Rebeltrev: altcoinhere, Buy orders increasing.this will be up and down.Gravychain: i hope GNT is as much of a scam as dash:) future looks bright.

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Chale ya desvirtuaron aun mas este post, ya van a empesar con su MARCOOUUU.

Nordman: billbobob2684, sort of, pigeon is not really bad to eat unless it is city pigeon.DieSuppe: Oh Golem, went to bed thinking this bag I was holding was roses.CryptoCrunch: billbobob2684, i love kim chee. but everyone i know hates it.Xoblort: onlinehandelen247, please do not spam like that in here.Mufasa: sure keiser is very aware and he def acted in a you cant touch me fashion. knew they wouold never pursue certain things or keiser cus they knew its not him but.

FearNGreed: well they buy support has dropped to half of what it was.E100: philip1237, Pump vseravno not orovdaet those who bought for 2500, and more.Herbalist: lordcaptainbradley, i wish i could say that i only remember as low as 290 euro.Katoomer: Xoblort, Yes switched the prices in the S and L windows both went straight to the order book.

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KingNuze: so mad i sold my dash like 2 months ago had 28 coins was buying them at 7 range now they hit 22 SMH.Shinn: biodork, not really.i tried it once, they simply hunted down my stop.i mean.the damn chart reversed at my stop.

TheThinker: Xoblort, cool, I always wanted to achieve such state of mind.Banhammer: HappyCoiner banned for 3 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.

Watchtower: qq38007, the address you need would not be a website address but a wallet address to make a withdrawal, please confirm again.

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Ali.sofyansah-0e50: lol GNT will lose its reputation with this kind of thing.DashDude: ZWhale, just be aware trading that backdoor inflated crap.EffectiveAltruismIsAwesome: billbobob2684, trade long term based on fundamentals (see: Warren Buffett).Yes, I would only expect somene who ate more of both to find more distinction.Shinn: MentalPowered, so people couldnt quickly go and buy it.

AbyNormal: ah, the 60k btc future on OK coin is 27k btc now, looks like there was a major offload.Mufasa: suspect from day 1 in crypto and knew others are extremely capable so never showed cus of fear of legal consequence.I was surprised it tailed down in the last 3 weeks, but it was pumped just before that so, meh.GameChanger: terrybeth, Yeah I just think the word scam is for a 12 year old or some random living in a cave that doesnt know what people look like.