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Blockchain Tech Can Change the World, Says South Koreas Finance Minister.MoneyGram Confirms XRP Integration Is an Internal Pilot Program.Freelancing from your Beach Hut in Barbados to Alaskan Glaciers.Industry Firm Blockchains, LLC Scoops Up 67,000 Acres in Nevada.

Tron Price Drops by Nearly 50% in 5 Days as Pump Runs out of Steam.

Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - 2017 Feb 19

DNotes Global, Inc CEO Alan Yong Shares View on The ICO Conundrum A Challenge Beyond the SEC Mandate.Blockchain Powered VR Ecosystem MARK.SPACE Revolutionizes Idea of VR by Eliminating All Existing Barriers.Watch This Mesmerizing Video of One Years Development in Bitcoin Core.Nasdaq Wants Their Bitcoin Futures to Be Unique from Competitors.SEC Wont Approve Any Bitcoin ETF Until Key Concerns Are Addressed.Using Blockchain Technology, MeshBox Is Turning A Game Changing Concept Into A Reality.

Samsung Enters Cryptocurrency Mining Game, Potentially Decentralizing Ecosystem.How to Buy Stellar Lumens in 3 Simple Steps: A Beginners Guide.Study Shows Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Far Too Centralized Right Now.Keplertek Announces Worlds First Decentralized AI Development Platform.

Request Network Uses Blockchain Technology to Create a Decentralized Payment System.ImmVRse: A Hybrid Decentralized Marketplace Aiming to Disrupt Virtual Reality Industry.Bitcoin and Crypto Courses All the Rage at Americas Top Schools.Leading Social Trading Platform, eToro, Throws Its Weight Behind Cryptocurrency.Realchain Brings the Ultimate Platform for Luxury Purchasing of the Future.

Legolas to Bridge Gap Between Financial Industry and the Crypto Community.Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

MeshBox is Proposing an Ambitious Internet Connectivity Project.Trade-Clearing and Money: How Dash Can Do What Few Other Coins Can.The ADAMANT Project Conducts ICO to Finish the Development of Anonymous Blockchain-based Messenger.Ben Swann Revives Truth in Media with Viral Video About Dash Sponsorship.TNABC Miami 2018 Video Report: StormX COO Arry Yu Talks Gamified Microtasks.International Council for Instituting Asset-Backed Cryptos Goes Live.Polymath Announced As Advisor To (OSTK) tZERO Security Token Sale.

Catch, Train, and Battle Monsters For Ether on Etheremon Decentralized World of Ether Monsters.Fairmeet Has Reached Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Central Finova.Token Launch Date Announced for Dether, Worlds First Peer-to-Peer Ecosystem of Crypto Buyers, Sellers, and Shops.Decentralization and Transparency in Lotteries: Fire Lotto Launches Lottery Platform.Vertcoin (VTC) Still Up 500% Since October, Upholding The Peoples Coin Slogan.The Fabric Token Ecosystem: Building a Bridge to the Decentralized World of Tomorrow.Token Sale Launch of Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange EOZ.TNABC Miami 2018: Taking on Amazon AWS with Gregory Gopman of Photon Network.

Presenting the Missing Piece of the Global Cryptocurrency Jigsaw Puzzle, A-SDR.MARK.SPACE Raises Hopes of a Lucrative Alliance between VR and E-Commerce through its Revolutionary Blockchain Powered Ecosystem.BitcoinToken (BTK) cryptocurrency partners with The Token Store.Microsoft Favors Layer-Two Blockchain Scaling Solutions Over Block Size Increases.Ethereum-based Data Sharing Platform, RepuX, Announces Businesses Participating in Pilot Program.Zapit is All Set to Revolutionize the Shopping Experience of Amazon Consumers.

Exclusive: Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor Sasy Dash Evolution Will Be Like Decentralized PayPal.Hybrid-Decentralized Marketplace ImmVRse: A Catalyst of the VR Industry.Swiss Based Company IPStock Seeks to Reinvent Visual Content Copyrights Management.Guns Drawn, Shot Fired as Another Private Bitcoin Trade Goes Bad.SEC Halts ICO for Fraud Decentralized Bank Endorsed by Boxing Legend.EXPREAD: A New Trading Paradigm to Put Centralization to a Halt.Dash Celebrates Fourth Anniversary, Industry-Changing Innovations.

EtherParty Poised to Capitalize on the Coming Smart Contract Explosion.TNABC Miami 2018 Video Report: Patrick Byrne Says Blockchain Will Eliminate Poverty.Ripple Partners Saudi Arabias Central Bank to Plug Banks on a Blockchain.The Decentralized Clean Energy Platforms of the Future Are Here.Danish Bitcoin Pioneer Ronny Boesing Behind Crypto Startup Openledger.

Blockchain-based Voise Platform Releases Masternodes on the Ethereum Network.You choose your philosophy of translation just as you choose how to live: the free adaptation that sacrifices detail to meaning, the strict crib that sacrifices meaning to exactitude.OnPlace Set to Decentralize the Over-the-Counter Investment Industry.Bitcoin Wont Do a Lehman Collapse: Singapore Central Bank FinTech Chief.LeadCoin Brings Quality Hot Leads to Businesses with a Decentralized Marketplace.Decentralized Video Sharing Platform Viuly Offers Users a Chance to Earn Revenue Without Restriction.Increasingly I have felt that the art of writing is itself translating, or more like translating than it is like anything else.Israel Wants to Ban Trading of Crypto-Related Companies Shares.StreamSpace Introduces the Worlds Most Advanced Decentralized Video Marketplace.

Why traditional dating platforms are unsatisfactory and how blockchain can help.

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FedEx Turns to Blockchain to Transform the Logistics Industry.Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Streamity- the Smart Contract-Fueld Decentralized Exchange.

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Game Changing Payment Method for Adult Entertainment Industry, Eroiy to Start.Unprecedented Drama: Siacoin May Soft-Fork to Block Bitmains ASICs.Vitalik Buterin Wants to Reinvent the ICO with DAO Technology.Russian Ministry of Finance Proposes Legalization of Cryptocurrency Trading.