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PumpyBrewster: ButcherofBallyhoo, mythology that is on bitcointalk and documented.El trabajo de los "moneros". and I would get a lot of things from those adventures,. the digital form of Ali's monthly kits is fast becoming my go to when.Banhammer: tone0018 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.IanCurtis: SolarPowered, but im not sure if its blocked Y or N.

Zebra: Zagial, yeah, stop the chaindownloading that eats up 90% of CPI and produces 80% io waits:D.


Watchtower: accountingstudent, Lets not start that spam please.Banhammer: angelbit banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.

Hmanana: Haole, at least the 1h ascending chart in XMR is uncommon.Haole: warmitup, hey thanks, wondered how to re-sync if it was ever to get wonky.

QcMrHyde: damocles, it is actually 65% not given to miners, get your facts right if you want to look like a genius lol.Zebra: ZWhale, it is just. you need to buy a vending machine to buy a cola for dash:D.SolarPowered: Dannymax333, You may simply be out of display sync with the codes the server displays.JimmyCorkhill: terrybeth, yeah they live inside giant golf balls.MrFuture: everyday is a darker world, so the coin should be dark as well.Banhammer: 2ez28u banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.

Hmanana: snipbit, but investors obviously ignore fundamentals.Fiicus: anyone making a play without waiting for the 30 level to resolve itself in dash is a weirdo.ButcherofBallyhoo: PumpyBrewster, your mythology will make you poor.SolarPowered: Dannymax333, We try not to during work its too busy.DestroyAllHumans: So I guess the best strategy is to know ahead of time what price you want to trade.

Long as you keep ticking along new opps always present themselves.Agent86: theformerFA, Asking the same thing about Pasc right now.OracleofPOLO: imbest, bellacam screenshots and beta testing this week.A very good (if not the best) TA module is available on Perl.Watchtower: Peidei, Please rephrase that question, I dont quite understand.LBCMiner: Trump blocked certain news agencies like CNN and NY times from news conference.Moonerico: scott-08a6 Like I said, dash is the sacrificial lamb.

SolarPowered: 2ez28u, OaktreeCapital, Lets just please talk with others thank you.Zebra: Shinn, look at this index COINXBT:SS, available in 179 countries since 2014.Heathen: ZWhale, cant hold btc i spend it, not user friendly, holds dash says it user friendly lel.OaktreeCapital: SolarPowered, You have a history of letting this happen.Not sure exact order, because you could have any number of coins.Zebra: 2ez28u, hey hey, i said that introver should contact him.

Aminer: dash has gone to high to fast It will pull back on profit taking.SolidX looks a lot better than what the Winklevoss are offering.BCC = low circulation = high demand value coin fast and cheap transaction fee. LOC/USDT BUY!!! INVEST !!!. get some AEON, moneros little brother, going cheap!.SolarPowered: Peidei, Also the gear wheel on the top left of the graph.I run a page and been bugged all month about dash, they got me converted lol.

HaltKoinz: OaktreeCapital, god no she is fully american thankfully.Zagial: Zebra, nah not recently, but was thinking about getting everything updated soon.

Maybe I mightget more if I could make a living but so far unsure.SolarPowered: heitormessias, I am not sure what you mean sorry.HaPpYtRaDiNg: Vadim89, Dont close position thats a market sell.

Loukoulos: ripple Board of Directors Ken Kurson with Ivanka Trump.Old lies those you can not prove and those lies poisoning community.Zebra: huh i suspect that the third fat on dash has been cut off as well, time for a little stability now.

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SolarPowered: TheKoolaider, Also our apologies for the delays.Dannymax333: Guys last night i have a vision that Ethereums price went up to 2000 this year.TM3K: hey mods my lisk withdrawal has been frozen for a few days and i already approved it in my email.< powerful movement to get the Indian Territory opened up upon tlie basis. noilhwest; P. F. Moneros-, i2f.