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It still escapes me how Griffin could have embarked on a multi-decadal human space exploration effort costing tens of billions of taxpayer dollars without performing even the basic homework needed to understand the specific costs and benefits of different crew sizes in the context of the various competing architectures.And so we have no choice we must ask you to subscribe to ShareProphets or. money. What you want are stocks you can short. matters LOC compares.If you want to move goods, it is hard to imagine a less efficient method, especially as applied to trucking.Building a wall - now a fence The whole wall thing was the stupidest part of the Trump campaign to me.

In any case, out year numbers that far in advance do not have as much meaning as you might think as they tend to be adjusted from year to year.The roads have to be able to carry those loads from heavy planes as well.The observation that the ISS does not really need to finish the ISS, only do 3-4 critical flights and perhaps a couple for must fly foreign modules.The former approaches minimize the inherent conflicts created by the NASA jobs involved, Congressional pork-barrel politics, and the relative dollars sunk into each while the latter has greatly magnified those conflicts.Remember that is what these think-tanks were created for and one of the key roles they played in making Apollo successful.It was as simple as sending the ESAS team back to the drawing board, rebalancing the criteria used to select the final ESAS architecture, or assuring that the ESAS team was using conservative budget constraints to begin with.What in your opinion would actually constitute proof that would convince you.And we know that the VAB and other Apollo era infrastructure was only designed to withstand winds of around 105 mph when new.Actually the government only put up 92% of the funding, the rest came from state coffers.

Trump: I'll Ditch TPP Trade Deal on Day One of My Presidency. Money represents what's made and sold,.Foreigners hoarding cash is a benefit to the U.S., because when foreigners hoard U.S. dollars they give us cars, televisions, and computers and all we have given them in trade is little pieces of paper with drawings of our presidents.Instead it provided huge economic incentives to private industry to achieve the goal, and got out of the way.Griffin has a history of quickly caving in to political pressure.

The obligation of having to express our love by spending money on. things you can gift her something. indian 2 anna coin loc maison le bon coin bitcoin.Only respond to people who have actual serious and informed critiques.If NASA had gone with a CEV on Atlas V they would probably be flight testing boiler plates now.Politically it could save ESAS, even if it takes some funds from it.

The administrator of a major federal agency for once has the balls to focus the agency budget on actual goal accomplishment instead of spreading the dough around, and all people do is complain.Thomas Matula: The hurricane issue is a real one, likely to be made far worse by the additional energy being pumped into the atmosphere by the global warming the Administration insists on pretending does not exist.Unfortunately, ESAS started out with its budget ramp-up for actual exploration hardware not starting until 2009.Even after the shallowing of the exploration budget, this highly efficient use of STS heritage, along with eliminating the need to develop a second MLV like Ares 1, would allow NASA to field a Jupiter HLV with SRBs as early as 2012 according to the analysis (which needs to be independently verified).Or why should you? Learn more about the economics of mining with us. would give you $4,369.97 when spending the same money on the two coins would give you $.And because this narrow study has become the ESAS is why its in trouble, not the VSE itself.While I would support their use to get started, if that were the least expensive way forward, we should move away from any SRB-related architecture ASAP.

America had passed them by and went on to an arguably better future.But in the 2008 budget (see the NASA CFO website, which is linked from the NASA HQ. website), the COTS Phase 2 budget was moved under Space Operations.HLVs mostly ship up fancy containers of propellants with some goofy looking thruster thingoes on the back.It is even an egnineering success, in that we have learned a lot about building (and, yes, how not to build, though I would be carefully about reading too much into that at this early point in time) large multi-purpose structures in orbit — skills we will need no matter what our future in space.Atlantis basically pushed it into the open, but it was coming any way.That said, I think the political issues associated with the transition could be managed in a gradual manner with a clear, transparent plan.

But even setting my past experience aside, based on the ESAS effort, can we answer questions like: What is the optimum crew size for the lunar architecture.Under Griffin, new human space flight systems are receding faster than the rate of time in our universe.

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Honestly, it should be enough to recognize that the current path is unsustainable.I believe this point is somewhat valid, but not exactly damning of Griffen, and certainly not evidence of gross incompetence.RAILROADS: I think we can agree that the development of the transcontinental railroad, is a programmatic success.GoDaddy Expels Neo-Nazi Site Over Article On Charlottesville Victim.

And guess what -- It was predicted by the Anderson Forecast in 2000.Concerning the whole Highway vs VSE once again we have been able to solve the analogy leaving the original problem untouched.Trump is the US version of Mohamed Morsi, and he shows that the US is not immune to the same.

Sat 11 Jul 1925 - The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Page 17 - Advertising.And, given that NASA must get Congress to pass a highly unlikely seven percent increase in the FY08 budget just to keep this schedule, the gap is very likely to grow by at least another year to two (from 2010-2015 today to 2010-2016 or 2017 a year from now).The original premise of VSE was that it would be executable on the existing budget without effecting science.

Ares 1 and Orion are far from done with their design iterations, and there may still be developmental hiccups after the designs are frozen.That NASA would almost certainly argue that they need a national initiative to design a new and build a better train, that could go over mountains, and would start a Government-led program, using Government engineers to design it.In terms of Atlanitc Hurricanes what I feel is likely to happen is indeed a movement to extremes.