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ShSktayan was a renowned grammarian, philosopher and an authority on Jaina.Certain scholars who have carried out analytical research mainly on Sanskrit, Pali.A similar experiment was made by Fredrick II in 12th century but with no.

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The classical Sanskrit came into existence after the local dialects were given.Mahavira had been removed (Initially, he had appeared in the womb of a Brahmana.Beliefs of Buddhists: The entire canonical literature of Bodh religion, in the.Phelps, Instructorin EnglishLiterature in Yale Professor of English in the Almeloo College.Since languages of Dard Branch were in vogue at hilly places, may be— they had.Mlgadhi Prakrita and ascertainment of its main features from linguistic view-.Gandhar (Name of the territory between India and Persia, the Modem Kandhar).They created dissention and rift in the original organisation and raised a.If (lad already been discus.sed above where the context so demanded.

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